A Love Letter to my Body

Dear me,


We have done a lot of changing over the years.

Some change has been easier to accept than others.

Marriage? Easy change.

Gaining weight? Hard change.

But through it all, we’ve faced it together,

And so we should be reminded of the beauty we hold.


The stretch marks between our thighs.

The squish underneath our chin. 

The added rolls and curves around our once “perfect” hourglass figure.


We are altogether lovely.


Together, with our mind and our body and our soul,

we have graduated high school,


ministry credentials,

and we are around the corner from finishing a Master’s degree.


A freaking Master’s degree.


We have traveled to three countries

and sixteen states.


We have loved and lost,

been seen,

and unseen.


We have overcome rejection,




and grief.


Oh, how we still walk with grief.

But we, mind and body, walk with it together.


We have taught Sunday schools,

youth groups,

small groups,

and mixed groups.


We have preached in pulpits

and through computer screens.


We have spent early mornings,

late nights,


and holidays

hustling to achieve our goals.


You and me, body, we have seen a lot together.


We love to drink coffee alone in the morning,

and cider when we go out with friends.


There is nothing inherently bad about pizza from Johnny’s

or a homemade all-organic salad.

We love both and may indulge in both.

We will not punish ourselves over what tastes and feels good.


We love to hike mountains,

lounge in comfy chairs with a good book,


swim in Italian lakes and backyard pools,

make love,

chase the dogs around the backyard,

and wander around our garden.


We see and create so much beauty together, can’t you see?



Our love handles are thicker.

Our tummy rolls are fuller.

Our thighs are fatter.


But who cares?


Our body can lift weights at the gym,

hug our friends,

run on the elliptical,

hold precious babies,

and command attention at a business meeting.


She serves, loves, and protects us through all things.


Our body is beautiful,

Our body is powerful,

Our body is sacred.


Loving myself through every stretch mark and body roll,


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