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Hi! That’s me! Alyssa (pronunced “uh-lee-suh”) Peterson-DeWitt. I’m thrilled to have you over here in my corner of the internet. Shall we have a proper introduction?

I am a 25-year-young aspiring writer, creator, and changemaker. I have a BA in Christian Ministries, Writing, and Biblical Studies. By December 2020 I will have completed my Master of Divinity. I am a credentialed minister and a reverend-ish (it’s complicated). Born in Florida, raised in Georgia, and educated in Indiana, my heart is in many places, but the peach state will forever be my home.

Through my upbringing in the church and education, I fiercely believe that people deserve better — they deserve to see and experience how the divine manifests in the ordinary because God is encountered more often outside than inside the church walls. I am passionate about women in ministry and church leadership, and I hope that you’ll join me in the journey of advocating for a larger table. I believe that every voice matters.

Aside from religiously organizing my life via Google Calendar, I enjoy binging TV with my partner, a good glass of cider, playing with our three dogs and three cats in our wooded backyard, dance parties in the kitchen, and the smell of eucalyptus.

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